Check Out the First Trailer For The Giver

Based on the critically-acclaimed book of the same name, The Giver is the haunting story of Jonas, who lives in a seemingly ideal, futuristic world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community.

If you’re interested in reading the book, I’d recommend it only for audiences 12 and older.

The movie will likely be rated PG-13. It hits theaters Aug. 15, 2014.



    • Hey Fred, it’s tricky. The story takes place in an alternate future where humans have become the same. Except for Jonas, who is chosen to reviece all of society’s memories from the past. Once he has the memories, he realizes that society has been living in an emotion-less place, and that everyone should strive to be different. So, he faces a dilemma: should he stay with the community and the safe life that he’s always known, or should he run away in pursuit of a dangerous life full of love, differences, choices, and knowledge?

      • The book is, like, really wierd and has some really disgusting stuff. And the people are all the same and nobody has any emotions. But, I don’t know, maybe the movie looks more interesting than the book. You can read the book if you want, I guess, but I’m waring you: once you finish it you’ll say, “Why did I just waste five hours of my life reading this book?” And the ending is like, the dumbest ending of a book in the history of books.

  1. I just read the review on common sense media, and it may be not all it looks to be. I’m leaning a little towards purple bird here, but not to much. You should only read this if your probably 13 or older.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with the book. Seriously nothing. And if there are any problems , just ask your parents to explain what you don’t understand .

  3. Looks creepy I don’t think, I am not going to read the book right now because I am reading Artemis Fowl. Clay, do you think they will make a movie out of Artemis Fowl? I love the books.

    • I think the spaceship thing that Jonas got picked up by is the ships that search for him…

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