Boy Saves Choking Grandma

A five-year-old boy in Atlantic City, N.J., saved his grandmother from choking by using a trick he learned at school.

Shirldine Stewart was watching television and eating Jello when her grandson A’Zir Spence came downstairs to ask her a question. When she turned toward him, a piece of food lodged in her throat.

The boy told his grandmother to raise her hands over her head — a trick he had learned at school — and the food popped out. His grandmother calls him her little hero.

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  1. I do not think that this story is even reel because if you just had to riase your hand over your head to be saved from chocking then what is the piont of the hiamlik manoover. I took health last year and when we were talkeng about saving some one from chokeing they never toughte us to riase our hand over our head to save sombody.

  2. I agree with Shepherd, what is the reason for the hialik manoovr . And you cant do the hialik manoovr on babies . Here in Washington it is illegal to do the hiamlik manoover without asking , so if they say no, here is the next best thing.

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