Antarctic Ice Chunk Falls

iceberg.jpgA chunk of ice seven times the size of Manhattan has collapsed, putting a greater portion of glacial ice at risk.

The disintegration began Feb. 28. The 160-square-mile chunk in western Antarctica had been there for hundreds of years. The incident is a result of global warming, according to scientists.

Icebergs naturally break away from the mainland. Collapses like this are unusual but have happened with greater frequency in recent years.

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  1. Global warming?? not really, the earth goes through cyles, it may be warmer that it was a long time ago, but sientist make it a big deal, the may even make it look more drmatic. the earth is going through cycles, we have had cooler summers(colder) does that sound like global warming, every time some thing like this happends there is a big scuffuffle and they say “OW! Global warming!!!” we should take care of you planet, the only one we have, but we shouldn’t do it because of “Global warming”

  2. If you watch the Discovery Channel you will also learn that there are icebergs that are increasing in size by 3 feet a day and I heard on the radio just the other day that scientist are admitting the atmosphere is actualy cooling down. Global Warming is just someones way to make money off of the gulable.

  3. Scientists worry waaay too much and as Me said, it is just a cycle. Also, back in the 70s, scientists said that we were going to have and ICE AGE! That is crazy. But I will agree that the glacier is huge and caused a really big wave.

  4. what? i thought global warming is real! the earth is being pulled toward the sun. so when that happens, the earth starts to warm up. thats how global warming happens.

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