Boy Donates One Million Pennies

pennies.jpgAndrew Niemi of Carleton, Mich., began collecting pennies the day after Christmas in 2006. Using fundraisers, his goal was to gather one million of the copper coins, and he finally reached that mark in March.

The fourth grader presented his school, St. Patrick Catholic, with a $10,000 check. It accounted for each of the one million pennies.

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  1. That’s impressive. It just goes to show how much little things can add up. In 2 years of collecting pennies, those things people just throw on the ground, he had enough money to buy: 20,000 cans of soda or candy bars; 10,000 items at the dollar store; 2,500 Whopper Value Meals; 1800 Movie tickets; 250 computer games; 100 pairs of Nike’s; 50 nice Bicycles; 15 laptop computers; 5 good used cars; or one low priced new car. What could _you_ buy for 10,000? (All prices are estimates/averages/based on deals I’ve seen)

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