Battlefield Found

A team of Australians hiking through remote jungle in Papua New Guinea has discovered a World War II battlefield, complete with the remains of Japanese soldiers.

Located near the village of Eora Creek, the battlefield was known by locals. Villagers hunted in surrounding areas, but they avoided the “lost battlefield” because they believed spirits of the dead haunted it. The site has remained virtually untouched since 1942.

The team also found ammunition, canteens, guns, boots, rifle pits and more.


  1. Wow… Those are rare artifacts. Most of the time tourists steal stuff from things like these and damage or lose them, so this is something to put in a museum.

  2. The ammunition,canteen,gun,boot,rifle pit,and more part made this REALY COOL!!

    P.S. woyo12 is SOOOO WRONG

  3. world war 2 was sad… and cool…. but the japanese remains were just gross. The ammunition, rifles,…… were pretty cool. whatever about the spirits. i,m sure there are spirits but not like haunting.

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