Apple’s iPad

Apple has revealed its new tablet, called the iPad. Looking like a giant iPhone, the iPad is navigated using a touch screen. Users can browse the internet, use apps, read books and magazines, check e-mail, listen to music, watch movies, play games and more. The iPad does not make phone calls.

The iPad is almost 10 inches tall and almost 8 inches wide. It weighs a pound-and-a-half. The battery is designed to last 10 hours on a single charge, and some models will have 3G connectivity.

Starting cost is $499, which will get you a 16GB model without 3G. The top of the line cost $829, which will get you a 32GB version with 3G. Look for the iPad in stores this March.


  1. looks just like an ipod touch only difference is it is a lot bigger and heavier and the only reason for that big a size is for a movie really and then if thats all you want it would be way smarter and cheaper to buy a portable dvd player or the ipod touch that IS 3G.

  2. it does not impress me almost at all but the ipod touch did a lot and was cheaper so great job on that guys.

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!! Who cares if there isn’t a phone on it??? I don’t need a phone ANYWAY. (Mainly because i’m homeschooled)


      • I’m homeschooled as well, and I think it’s not a bad idea, but not very useful for most teens, who something small and lightweight, but you can take it with you on a trip.

  4. I agree snake eyes, evan though i use apple made electronics i think they made a bad move with this one. It’s not a good long-term product. I am sad to say it is just an iTouch with more features. That’s not a bad thing though, just don’t get if you have a touch, and it doesn’t look portable. Other than that Apple is a great company.

  5. Uuuuhhhh to all of you complaining about the price, go look at any other laptop on the market, and you will see that the price is the same but it isn’t as awesome. $1000 dollars would be a decent price, also, no it’s not a “mini laptop” it has way more features.

    PS: corection, $829 is the price for the 64gb iPad.
    The REAL prices for the Wifi models are: $499 for the 16gb, $599 for the 32gb, and $699 for the 64gb
    The prices for the Wifi + 3G models are: $629 for the 16gb, $729 for the 32gb, and $829 for the 64gb
    You can look for a wifi model in the begining of march, and the wifi+3G in the begining of april.

    Sincerly, a nerd who mows too much about technology.

  6. It is probablly just another form of a laptop for one thing it might be faster than other phones and the rest. Could be great for car trips and don’t you sometimes seemed annoyed when people crowd around your smartphone when doing something like playing a game or a movie. It looks like an interesting piece of hardware. My sister wants it.

  7. i’m going to start saving up now i NEED one

    sincerely, a guy who doesn’t have that much money compared to what that thing costs

  8. I have an iPod touch and i love it, my ipod was just two hundred bucks. I dont see people why people would buy a new ipod touch with a bigger price when you can buy a second generation iPod touch

  9. I got my iPad a few weeks ago and I am loving it! Much better than my iPod Touch. In fact, I am typing this comment on it right now. It was a good thing I had been saving money for a long time.

  10. I don’t have an ipod or a apple’s ipad but I really want one and I have entered to win the “Apple’s iPad” and is it like a computer.

  11. the price may be a litle too high, but overall i think that the new ipad is insanely auswome! it can do more things than a laptop and its great for school. you can type up reports on the ipad and still print it from a printer. you could surf the internet, but you dont have to keep making the picture bigger like the itouch or the could watch movies and read books and magazines! i think that one day apple’s ipad will someday replace laptops. i think the ipad is apple’s greatest piece of hardware yet!

  12. Those things are awsome! I’ve had as much as 4 iPad’s in my living room at one time for a marketing gig that my mom did

  13. Just get an iTouch. The new 4G model may have a smaller screen,but it has a more appealing look to the eye and has many more features!

    P.S. For those that don’t like the speaker on the Itouch 3generation, you can rock the house with the new speaker!

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