A gallery of LEGO art

Who needs paint, canvas and a brush to make art? Not Nathan Sawaya. His workspace is an explosion of color.

In his studio, clear plastic crates stuffed with LEGO bricks in every hue are stacked high against the walls. A computer sits on the floor, but it’s not functional. The red, yellow and blue replica is made entirely of LEGO.

In fact, everything in the room is made of LEGO; a cash register, a monkey, a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers.

Sawaya uses the popular LEGO toys to create sculptures, big and small.

Now people can get an even closer look at the creations of Sawaya. Touring nationally, “The Art of the Brick,” exhibit is making the rounds.

To see a sampling of Sawaya’s gallery click here.


  1. IT is AWWWWESOME how someone could use something boys and girls PLAY with to make exxxcceellent art! RIGHT?!

  2. i have the lego hobbit set even the fireboat LEGOS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant want to make some art see ya

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