$4 million pet hotel

wag-200×148.jpgA new 240-room luxury hotel is opening in San Francisco this weekend. There is a twist, though. The Wag hotel is for pets, not people.

There are few differences between this hotel and the regular kind. In fact, the manager said the only difference is that their guests have four legs instead of two.

Among the services that animals can receive during their stay are facials, hair styling and room service. There is also a indoor pool.

Dogs can play around in a 10,000-square-foot roof garden and take views of the San Francisco skyline. The rooms range from $45 to $85 a night.

The upper-end suites include plasma TVs and cameras so the owners can pay a virtual visit.

The owner said he came up with the idea after boarding his bulldog in a less than posh kennel.


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