300-page cell phone bill

What would your parents say if they opened the mailbox and found a cell phone bill that was bigger than a  book?

That’s what happened to some iPhone users this week when they received their bills from AT&T.

The bills list every text message, every Internet log in and every e-mail, so people who send a ton of text messages or do lots of web surfing got a bill that was hundreds of pages long. At least one customer, Justine Ezarik of Pittsburgh, had a 300-page bill!

AT&T says that iPhone customers can request a simplified bill that is much shorter.


  1. I would send it back and want my money back that was used to pay for the paper, ink, and postage used to mail it back to apple.

  2. I think Apple, the company that made and distributed the iPhone, should let other cell phone service providers carry the iPhone. Not only is AT&T’s phone service expensive (you need to pay at least $59.99 per month for service on the iPhone), it is claimed that AT&T receives the most complaints for poor service. This probably explains why some people refuse to activate their iPhones since Apple’s cell phone works only with the AT&T service.

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