‘Zedonk’ Born

A zebra and donkey living on a Georgia wildlife preserve have mated to create a rare and interesting hybrid animal known as the “zedonk.” This baby zedonk, born to a zebra father and a donkey mother, has “clear black and white stripes on its legs and the brown-haired body of a donkey.”

Born last Wednesday at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve north of Atlanta, this healthy zedonk is the first of its kind at the non-profit refuge.


  1. First of all this could be a BIG problem.Second of all it may be cute now ,but what if a zoo has a mating Komodo Dragon and lion with a baby called a Drion and it escape and ate your family,so this could be a big problem.

  2. this is only possible with the same family of animals aka the horse kind or the cat kind so komodo dragons (reptile) and lion (mammal) could not interbreed

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