World War II Ship Found

ship.jpgThe H.M.A.S. Sydney — an Australian navy battle cruiser — sank in Nov. 1941 after a battle with a German vessel. It was finally found this week, after more than 60 years of mystery.

The Sydney was discovered sitting upright more than 8,000 feet below the water. The wreckage of the D.K.M. Kormoran – a German ship disguised as a Dutch merchant vessel, which attacked the Sydney — was found a few days earlier.

All 645 men aboard the Sydney died, and the vessel’s final resting spot eluded searchers for many years. More than 300 of the Kormoran’s nearly 400 sailors survived, rowing in lifeboats to the Australian coast where they were taken prisoner.

The Sydney was found 14 miles from the Kormoran’s wreckage. Kormoran sailors last saw the Sydney in flames heading for the Australian port of Perth.

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