Wild Raccoon Chase

Police responded this week to a 9-1-1 call from an elderly man in Dallas, Tex., stating that he heard noises at the front door. Officers quickly surrounded the house, but it was determined that a raccoon was the suspect.

The masked critter didn’t go quietly.

The raccoon made his way into the house using the chimney. Once inside, the police tried to trap the animal, but they had little success. The raccoon ripped up Venetian blinds, pulled down drapes, knocked over a flowerpot and sent a lamp crashing to the floor. When an officer attempted to let the unwelcome guest out the back door, the raccoon became aggressive and the officer was forced to use his taser.

Despite the stun from the taser gun, the raccoon ran up the chimney with the gun’s prongs still in his back. An animal control officer was called, but he couldn’t entice the raccoon out of the chimney. The fireplace was blocked, and the intruder let himself out through the chimney at some point during the night.

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