Wienermobile pulled over by police

wienermobile.jpgPolice in Tucson, Ariz., stopped the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Wednesday because they thought it was stolen.

When an¬†officer following the 27-foot-long hot dog checked its “Y-U-M-M-Y” license plate to make sure it was legal, the computer reported that the plates were stolen. The officer pulled over the giant wiener and two more officers arrived to help.

It turns out that the license plates actually were stolen back in February, but the Wienermobile had already received replacement plates.

Luckily, the mobile hot dog was able to continue it’s journey without trouble.


  1. Honestly, how many Weinermobiles are there in America? haha Too cute. My husband actually got to work on the Weinermobile when he worked as a mechanic for Penske back in th 90’s. It even has a Ketchup and Mustard buttons on the dash board!

  2. Well, thats pretty strange that a weenie car was pulled over! Thats not something you see everyday. Plus, the license plates were stolen! Why would that happen?

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