Where are the Acorns?

acornScientists are confused by the lack of acorns this fall along the East Coast. In areas of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, there are no acorns to be found at all.

Oak trees are still shedding leaves this year, but the familiar sound of acorns “crunching underfoot” has been absent. Some experts say that the acorn crop runs in cycles, and that last year’s bumper crop was bound to lead to a smaller amount in 2008. Others say a lack of rain has slowed acorn growth.

Squirrels in these areas have appeared “skinny” and “aggressive,” sometimes found “devouring bird feed.”

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  1. Those little rascals are already eating the pine cones in my yard. They also use the railing on my deck as a chair.

  2. How in the world can they be confused. We had a huge drought last year…….thats what happens a year or two after a drought. My neighbors were saying this was going to happen 2 years ago. “Scientists” need to study nature a little more……

  3. this is hilarious. these scientists should come to my house. We have so many acorns here that it isn’t funny.

  4. “skinny” “aggressive” “devouring bird feed” , they are like that at my house and we have tons of acorns!

  5. Acorns, huh? They’re a huge problem every year for me, no matter where i live. I’m not that upset about the lack of acorns, but i don’t think it is very funny; think of all the hungry squirrels!

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