When does your school start?

schoolbus.jpgSummer vacation is already over for many kids across the United States. Most of the rest will be going back to school in the next two or three weeks. And some won’t start until after Labor Day in September.

Almost 75 percent of schools now start before the end of August, according to a research company. Back when your parents were in school, only 50 percent started that early.

So when does school start in your area? Tell us the date in the comment section and then tell us when you think it should start.


  1. I go back to school on september 5th but I only go one day a week. I start going every day on the 17th of september! Woop woop!

  2. My school starts at the second week of August, in this case August 10th,
    after itchy 45.:-( 🙁 :-(.

  3. I want to go to oceanway midddle this year. I live in jacksonville, fl. I know school starts in august but each time i search for a date when school starts, it never gives me the exact answer.

  4. Either the 21st or the 24th, I thought ours started early but now I see some of these comments. Wow.

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