What’s Up With the Motorola Razr Hype?


If you’ve existed on the internet this week, you’ve probably seen some buzz about a new FLIP phone hitting shelves in January 2020.

Why is this a big deal to anyone? Who wants to spend more time flipping a phone screen back and forth?

Well, way back in 2004, a sleek little flip phone was the coolest thing you could talk into. That phone was the original Motorola Razr. And it became even more of a bop when colorful versions of the phone started popping up (think, the hottest hot pink you’ve ever seen).

This was about three years before iPhones (and the other smart phones we’re used to) took over the world. With them, came a craze for touch screens versus buttons. Phones with keyboards, like the Razr, were history.

That is, until Motorola figured out how to bring touch screens to flip phones. It’s part cutting-edge screen tech and part nostalgia for the golden age of flip phones, but the Razr is coming back. And here are the physics that made it possible (it actually all hinges on a simple machine):


And if you want to take a look at the true fossils of cell phone history, check out this video. You can even get a quick look at where smartphones may be headed next.

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