Trash To Treasure Contest

recycle.jpgPBS and Design Squad invite you to enter the Trash To Treasure contest. Kids of all ages are challenged to take an everyday item that is discarded or recycled and turn it into something useful.

The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000, as well as a trip to an award-winning innovation lab to build a prototype of the winning design. The deadline to enter is June 30.

Click here to read more and enter the contest.


  1. It’s real hard for me to think of an invention, exspesily with recycled things like cans. I know theres many uses and all but….. I can’t think. I’ll have to be brainstorming all day long. hope i can make something

  2. Hello. I have thought of a way to recycle and save lives. I do not know how to enter the contest though. What I have done is take a bunch of empty bottles and made them in to a P.F.D. (personal flotation device). I think this would be a good way to recycle.

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