The Most Intricate Pencil Carvings Ever



In the June issue of Boys’ Life magazine, we ran some really interesting photos of pencil art from Dalton Ghetti, a Brazilian artist who specializes in creating tiny sculptures from real pencils.

Ghetti works for months to carve pencil lead into amazingly detailed forms. Ghetti says that the he won’t sell the artwork, so you won’t be seeing them on display any time soon.

Take a look at a few of the most popular works of art below:

The entire alphabet carved into random pencils.


A view of Ghetti’s process.


A church on the top of the pencil.


A regal giraffe.


A handsaw carved from the lead and wood.

To see more of the jaw-dropping pencil art visit:


  1. Whoazers!! That’s pretty amazing! At first I didn’t realize what I was looking at, but then I realized this guy made sculptures out of pencils! But you kind of left a sentence open there—”Ghetti says that…” ???? #Peechtival!

      • Well, when I wrote that, BL had left the sentence “Ghetti says that the he won’t sell the artwork…” “Ghetti says that.” But now they fixed it. #Peechtival!

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