Teen Self-Diagnoses Disease

CrohnsJessica Terry suffered from stomach pain, vomiting, fever and other symptoms for eight years. She lost weight and often had to miss school, but doctors couldn’t determine what caused her abdominal distress.

Then this past January, Jessica figured it out while sitting in AP science.

The 18-year-old looked through a microscope at slides of her own intestinal tissue. Her pathologist had already stated that these slides looked perfectly normal. But Jessica looked closer and saw an inflamed area called a granuloma. This inflamed area was a clear indication that she had Crohn’s disease.

Jessica’s teacher took a picture of the slide and sent it to another pathologist. This one confirmed that Jessica did indeed have Crohn’s. Hearing that she was suffering from such a serious disease was difficult for Jessica. Still, she felt relieved to finally have a diagnosis. Jessica is now being treated correctly.

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