Snake Found In Washer

A Maine woman went to place her clothes in the dryer Wednesday, but an eight-foot reticulated python put her laundry on hold.

Mara Ranger of Gorham, Maine, reached into the washer and felt something move. The python was wrapped around the washer’s rotor, and its head poked out of the machine. Ranger gently shut the washer’s lid as to not hurt the snake. Somehow the python got into the water pipes and worked its way to the second floor.

A representative of Maine Animal Damage Control responded to remove the snake. It’s speculated the animal was someone’s pet. When the snake got too large, the owner most likely let it loose in the wild.

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  1. snakes are cool…. when they are tame. i’ve put a snake around my neck before at scout camp… Camp Raven Knob rox!!!!

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