See Every Spacesuit Ever Made

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From the original tinfoil jumpsuits of NASA’s early days to the¬†bulky Buzz Lightyear suits of today, ogle over all the different designs in this illustrated history of the modern spacesuit.

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Row 1, left to right:
Mk IV Suit, built by BF Goodrich in the 1960s
Mk II Model “O” Suit, built by BF Goodrich, 1956
Mk V Modified suit, built by BF Goodrich, 1968
Mk II Model “R” suit, BF Goodrich, 1956
Mercury Spacesuit (worn by Alan Shepard), based on the Navy Mk IV, BF Goodrich, 1960
RX-3 MOL Prototype, Litton Industries, 1965
AES Apollo Apollo Applications Project Chromel-R Cover Layer, Litton Industries, 1969
A4-H Apollo Developmental suit, ILC for Hamilton Standard, 1964
SPD-143 Apollo Developmental AX1-L, ILC Industries, 1963
A5-L Apollo Prototype, ILC Industries, 1965
EX1-A Apollo Applications Project, AiResearch Corporation, 1968
Mk V, modified, BF Goodrich, 1968
Pressure garment from the G4-C spacesuit worn by Gene Cernan on Gemini 9, 1965

Row 2, left to right:
Sokol KV-2
RX-2A, Litton Industries, 1964
AX-3, NASA Ames Research Center, 1974
Mercury Spacesuit
AES, Apollo Applications Project, Chromel-R Cover Layer, Litton Industries, 1969
Mk IV, Arowhead, late 1950s
RX-2 Legs with RX-2A Partial Torso, Litton Industries, 1964
Apollo A7-L EVA Suit, ILC Industries, 1970
Apollo A7-LB EVA Suit, ILC Industries, 1971
Apollo A7-L EVA Suit, ILC Industries, 1970
Mercury Spacesuit
Soviet SK-1 Spacesuit, 1961-63
G3-C, David Clark Company, 1964


  1. Very nice, however the Russian Orlan and American EMU suits currently used for EVAs are missing.

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