See Drone Footage Of Apple’s Jaw-Dropping New Headquarters


Apple is the biggest company in the world, so it’s only fitting that the makers of the iPhone, iPad, iMac and more have one of the coolest, most futuristic offices on the planet.

Why so revolutionary? The new $5 billion Apple Campus will be set in a 2.8 million-square-foot area in California — that’s about 176 acres. It will house more than 13,000 employees in a single building that is more than a mile around. There will also be 300,000 square feet of research facilities and underground parking. There will also be miles of jogging and cycling trails, and 1,000 bikes will be kept on the site and available to staff to get around the gargantuan campus.


The new Apple headquarters will also be almost completely self-sufficient. Apple will use alternative energy sources to power the campus, including thousands of solar panels. It will also have 7,000 trees surrounding the campus, and is only using on-site dirt for landscaping purposes.


Thanks to some cool drone footage that was recently shot over the construction site of what’s being nicknamed Apple Spaceship, we have our first peek at the epic building. Check it out below:




  1. Entrance into Apple s beautifully contracted underground auditorium where future press and corporate events will take place is being covered with more foam, indicating there will probably be an outdoor plaza on the ground level.

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