Russia Has a Massive Public Trampoline

Russia has completely revolutionized foot travel.

Fast Track is a massive 170-foot-long trampoline in the middle of a Russian forest designed for making trekking through the area faster and more fun.

More like a bouncy road than just a trampoline, Fast Track could be a new way to help people travel short distances. Could you imagine these bouncy roads in your hometown? Or better yet, jumping down one from your house to your school.









  1. “Something better than sidewalks?” I can think of a lot of things better than sidewalks. Peechtival!

  2. Kangaroos would love that in Australia!
    “hey mate, see you at work”
    *boing boing boing SNAP*
    “looks like i broke it.”

  3. I wouldn’t want these replacing sidewalks for one reason and one reason only. what about strollers or little kids?????

  4. Kangaroos would be like,
    K1:”Why are people jumping?” K2: “Hmm… Maybe we can jump on it with them!!!!!!”
    *boing, boing, SNAP-fall* (K2 under K1, which fell) K1: “That was a bad idea.” K2: (Sound is fuzzy from road) “I! sho@ld# kn$ow% bet^ter& than* that()?><:{}+_"

  5. My siblings cant go on trampoline, because they have a brain disorder. and I bet a lot of other people have the same disorder.

  6. The only downside to this method of travel would be that if these replaced sidewalks, not only could bike riding could get interesting, but sooner or later someone would get massive brain trauma from finding a house wiht their head while in mid-air. Ouch. On a totally unrealated note, I just sneezed on my keyboard. Yuck. And I don’t think that you can spray this down. Hmm…

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