Rotten Sneaker Contest

shoe.jpgBen Russell of Eagle River, Alaska, beat seven other contestants in claiming the title of rottenest sneakers in the United States.

He won the championship in Monpelier, Vt., in the annual Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, sponsored by the shoe insert maker.

Click here to see a photo of the winning shoes. 


  1. I agree Mitch, that doesn’t look rotten. It looks…. like my shoes after a go swimming in them and then I go hiking through the mud, and then I let a dog chew at them for 3 days straight. I would probably win if I did that!

  2. u no the rottenest shoe contest that was sick and i read it. do u have any other gross things if so send them to me

  3. this is a very funny contest. I don’t think, we have this here in Germany.

    The picture of Ben, the winner this year is great. Greetings to him if he can read this.

    To Ben and all the other winners in the past and in the future: GO FOR IT !!!

  4. I heard about that. I am going to the national rotten snaeker contest.I hope I win the national rotten sneaker contest.

  5. Who will win the rotten sneaker contest in vermont. Groose those shoes look very bad.I hope my shoes will be even stinkeer.Maybe my shoes could bet the other contestents. They are very stinky and they are torn up very bad thats why I think I can win the rotten sneaker contest.

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