A new company in California has opened for dog lovers who are unable to own a full-time dog but miss spending time with a canine friend.

FLEXPETZ is currently available in Los Angeles and San Diego. Animal lovers who enroll in FLEXPETZ get to spend time with a four-legged companion from a 10-dog crew of Afghan hounds, Labrador retrievers and Boston terriers.

The membership costs cover the expense of training the dogs, boarding them at a cage-free kennel, home or office delivery, collar-sized global positioning devices, veterinary bills and liability insurance. It also pays for the “care kits” which are comprised of leashes, bowls, beds and pre-measured food – that accompany each dog on its visits.

All FLEXPETZ dogs have completed obedience training and some are even certified as therapy dogs.

To visit the official FLEXPETZ website click here.


  1. That is cool because for people who are on the go alot and dont have alot of time to take care of a dog they could have one.

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