Record-Breaking Swimsuit

speedo.jpgNew technology in swimwear could lead to many world records falling at the Beijing Olympics in Aug.

The Speedo LZR was unveiled in Feb. Since then, the setter of all but one of 23 world records to be broken has worn the new suit. The governing body of international swimming has not banned the suit, but it does provide buoyancy and less drag to those wearing it, thereby making competitive swimmers faster.

United States swimming coach Mark Schulbert is recommending that each of his swimmers wear the Speedo LZR.

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  1. It’s a great suit, even for High School and collegiate swimmers.
    But.. this article is sort of biased. It does “Not” provide any extra buoyancy to swimmers, FINA would have banned it if they had found that in the testing.

    I think it’s more that you just feel great when you wear it, as if you’re invincible.

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