Read an Excerpt From ‘Calling All Minds’ by Temple Grandin

Ever wondered how a kite flies? How a boat floats? Why golf balls have dimples? Inventor Temple Grandin explores these questions and more in Calling All Minds, a new book that’s perfect for young inventors.

The legendary scientist dives into the science behind dozens of famous inventions and explores what it means to tinker, fiddle and innovate. She also provides the histories of each invention and easy-to-read biographies of each inventor.

Also cool, Grandin shares more than 20 of her personal childhood projects, including step-by-step instructions for you to recreate them.

Learn more about one of our favorites below.


Ames Illusion Room

An Ames Illusion Room is a distorted room that creates an optical illusion. You’ve probably seen it in movies like The Hobbit, Harry Potter or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

When viewed, it appears to be an ordinary cubic-shaped room. However, this is a trick of perspective. The true shape of the room is trapezoidal, meaning the walls are slanted and the ceiling and floor are at an incline.

As a result of the optical illusion, a person standing in one corner appears to be a giant, while a person standing in the other corner appears to be tiny. The illusion is so convincing that a person walking back and forth from the left corner to the right corner appears to grow or shrink.

Learn how to make one for yourself in the excerpt below.

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Calling All Minds by Temple Grandin out now.


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