Puppy Survives Toilet Flush

FlushedPuppyA young British dog spent four hours in a pipe after his 4-year-old owner decided to bathe his muddy pet in the toilet. Daniel Blair accidentally flushed the 1-week-old cocker spaniel down the drain.

Daniel’s mother, Alison, feared the worst, but she called for help anyway. Plumber Will Craig came to the rescue. He used special camera equipment to locate the puppy about 20 yards away toward a neighbor’s house. Craig was able to remove the scared dog from the pipe without injuring him.

Young Daniel’s reaction to the ordeal: “I’m so, so sorry. I won’t do it again.”

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  1. wow! i would be scared, besides, who would wash a puppy in the TOILET? i mean that just not right man! lol

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so sad how the dog got stuck in the pipe but it is so heartwarming that it got out alive. I’m am so happy it’s alive.

  3. I can’t believe that the dog had survived in a pipe for FOUR HOURS!!! anyways, how could the puppy fit?

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