New Jet Pack Unveiled

A new jet pack invented by Glenn Martin doesn’t look like a sleek contraption from a James Bond movie.

Martin’s piano-sized pack demonstrated its ability Tuesday, when Harrison Martin, Glenn’s 16-year-old son, settled into the device and hovered three feet off the ground for 45 seconds. The jet pack is supposed to have the capability of carrying a pilot 30 miles in 30 minutes using a five-gallon tank of gas.

The pack is available for $100,000, but federal regulations limit its use.

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  1. OK, first thing, this is NOT a jet pack. It is two ducted fans powered by a couple of chainsaw motors. There is nothing JET about it other than there is airflow through a couple of fans.

  2. This is a great starting product for personal travel. We need something significantly smaller and weighs about 60 lbs and goes about 100 miles without refueling.

  3. If this thing becomes popular, the price will go down a lot. But then again, it will take aprx. 50% of the population of the US for the price to go down to, say, 50,000$

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