New Book Cover Reveal: ‘Short & Skinny’

Short & Skinny sends readers to that galaxy far, far away … kind of. The hilarious graphic novel by Mark Tatulli is a unique spin on Star Wars, transporting readers to summer of 1977, when the original Star Wars hit theaters. Here’s what you can expect from the book:

Being both short AND skinny is tough in middle school, and the bullying and teasing has really wreaked havoc on his confidence, so he decides to make a change: he’ll order every miracle cure he can out of the back of his comic books in order to bulk up.

But soon Mark’s obsession with beefing up is soon derailed by a new, bigger obsession: Star Wars, the hottest thing to hit the summer of 1977. Mark sets out to make his own stamp on the film that he loves, inspired to the point that he starts writing and filming his own spoof with some neighborhood kids.

Short & Skinny won’t hit bookstores until Oct. 23, but we can reveal the cover today!

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