New $100 Bill

The Ben Franklin $100 bill is the oneΒ bill that’s most frequently copied by counterfeiters outside the United States.

The new bill will use a combination of microprinting and hundreds of thousands of tiny lenses that magnify the tiny printing so it’ll appear to be alive.

If you move the bill from side to side the image appears to move up and down. Move the bill up and down and the image seems to move from side to side.

The redesign of the bill is about one-third complete. The bill is expected to go into circulation late next year.


  1. sounds cool although they could get better protection by following europes example, different sizes,water marks,glow in dark atleast 3 different materials etc..

  2. That’s pretty cool. And Anonymous, even though there aren’t any comments visible, there are probably some comments just waiting to be aproved. So even though it looks like you have the first comment, you might not.

  3. I’ve heard something about super-counterfeit dollars, counterfeits that are impossible to spot without computer aid. I bet this will stop them in their tracks!

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