Modern Day Noah’s Ark

Have you ever wanted to see Noah’s Ark? Now you can. Well, not the real one.

Dutchman John Huibers built an exact, full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark was recently finished and opened to visitors in the Netherlands. Genesis chapters 6-9 were used as the model for this functioning model of Noah’s Ark, resulting in a 427-foot-long ship.

But the Ark isn’t just cool to look at. Huibers has opened the Ark as a museum, allowing visitors to tour the massive ship. It also features a restaurant, movie theater and Bible museum.

Take a look at images of the Huibers and his Ark below:

Would you visit this impressive museum?


    • Hello Timten,
      You’re correct. The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky. is planning on building an Ark of their own. At the moment, plans are still in the fundraising phase and no construction has begun.

  1. When the creation museum makes one I will totally be going to it! I live in Kentucky! But, boy that ark must have cost him a lot of money.

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