Missing pooch comes home

After disappearing seven months earlier, a Missouri dog found its way back to his original owners this month.

Happy, belonging to the Bowman’s of Diamond, Mo., wandered off the family farm in April. While the Bowman’s assumed him dead, another family took Happy in, renamed him Radar and, while on vacation, boarded him at veterinarian Dr. Steve Walstad’s office.

Happy made national news when he again wandered away from his home, this time back to Dr. Walstad’s office. When the Bowman’s saw Happy on the news, they knew their beloved dog was still alive. Dr. Walstad was more than happy to see the canine returned to its rightful owners — seven months after Happy went missing.

Click here to read more details about Happy’s miraculous return home after seven months.


  1. I can’t imagine what it would be like if my dog ran away! I see millions of dogs out on the roads in my town and I feel so sad for them, gotta go my dog needs me:P

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