Learn How To Make a Fidget Spinner For Only $1

By now, nearly everyone’s heard of fidget spinners. The addictive gadgets are taking the world by storm. The only problem? They can get a little pricey.

That’s why the guys over at QE Adventures set out to make their own spinners, using a 3-D printer, $1 worth of supplies and a little elbow grease. Check out the video below to see the whole process.


  1. Those are great, my nephew would love one of them. It’s great that you made your own and actually did it yourself.

  2. $1 in consumables maybe, but how much is the printer?!? Maybe it says in the article.

  3. Would love one for my son. He’s been looking in every store around and can’t seem to find any. I like the red one but the purple one in the video is also cool.

  4. Purple and red were my favorite! I don’t know much about fidget spinners because I play Mario and Minecraft all day long!

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