Is This Really Cool Or Really Odd?


OK, so the photo above is definitely really odd. But what the guy is wearing may actually be cool.

Oceanwings is a winged wetsuit that allows you to glide through the water like a fish.

We’re not sure what the practical use of the suit is, especially without scuba gear.

Take a look at Oceanwings in action:

What do you think? Goofy or cool?


  1. it is cool but f you look he was no mask before going into the water but when he was in the water he hade a mask and when he came out he hade no mask.

  2. pretty epic espiccialy at the end when he was like floating to the top but i mean the depth he went wouldve made it hard too breathe and how was he breathing i mean he didnt have anything except the goggles and camera and still i mean plp r trained too hold their breath but not that long

  3. Unsafe. How was he propelling himself thru the water? Someone pushing him? Nothing shows on the video. Looks pretty dangerous to me.

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