iPad Drop

Warning! You shouldn’t to drop your iPad from a high place. That’s what the folks from G-Form, a company known creating extreme electronics cases, are for. They sent an iPad, attached to a balloon, to the edge of space (more than 100,000 feet high) and waited for the magic to happen.

The video shows the iPad’s journey up, and its eventual fall back to Earth. The most amazing part is that it is still working after the THUD!



  1. SCAM, the back cover protected it or they dropped a disguised ipad and put a real ipad in the place it “fell”

    • okay, one your first point was what the video was trying to prove, so that means 2 you really don;t get it and third they had people from bsa with them do you think they would lie?

    • The demonstraition is that the case is tough. Even if it couldn’t protect an ipad from falling from 100,000 feet do you think it will be happening any time soon? Do you have plans on dropping your ipad from near space?

  2. So how come from 100,000 feet it works, but mine dosen’t survive a 4 foot drop off the kitchen counter?

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