Invisible Cloak a Reality?

cloakA Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak is closer to becoming a reality according to a new study. Scientists have found “a way of bending the geometry of space so that light from all directions travels around an object, rather than hitting it.”

Many advances in the quest for invisibility have been made in recent years. This new study is another step toward a sci-fi craze coming to real life.

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  1. what ppl dont know is that the us military has already come out with something sorta like that they came out with it about 3 years ago its a very high tech camoflauge suit!

  2. Scientists use meta materials to bend the light and they have been experimenting with them for a while now. I doubt it will be marketed to consumers, what if a robber got a hold of one?

  3. I agree about the comment “I’ll believe it when I don’t see it! !” and also am laughing about the unintentional joke.

  4. it’s true boys but the us goverment spent lots of money to make it happen so well propbley never see it! lol;)

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