Could You Jump From an Airplane With Only an Umbrella

Now we have an answer to the age old question: “If I jump out of an airplane with nothing but an umbrella, will I survive?”

You should have known the answer was a resounding NO, but nonetheless, here’s the proof in a really cool video.

And for those of you unfamiliar with the Mary Poppins reference, she was a fictional character in a Disney movie from 1964 about a nanny that could fly through the air using an umbrella. Here’s a clip from the film:

Not that it needs to be mentioned, but please do not try to fly or float using an umbrella.


  1. It actually looked liked it was working for a minute until the frame broke.
    I wonder if it would have work if he had used a stronger umbrella.

  2. YOu could call a parachute a really big umbrella… after all if the umbrella was big enough to make enough air resistance, light enough to not negate the effects of air resistance, and have the person strapped in to it so that inertia didn’t carry you away from the umbrella it could work

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