How Large Is the Moon?

Just how big is the moon? The easiest way to answer is, 2,160 miles in diameter.

But that’s doesn’t tell us much about the moon’s size in relation to Earth, or me and you for that matter. So, let’s put it into perspective:

Did you know that the moon is larger than the U.S., Brazil, Europe, China and South Africa — combined? It’s the fifth-largest moon in the solar system, and the largest in relation to its planet. This video that gives an even better description of the moon’s size.

That’s how big the moon is, but how far away is it? It’s average distance is roughly 238,857 miles. Still though, that’s tricky to comprehend. Here’s an easier way to imagine it:

Surprised? While we’re at it, here’s another interesting moon fact.

If you’re an avid camper or outdoor enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed that the moon looks tiny when surrounded by the blackness of space. Conversely, when you view the moon in the city, closer to buildings and landmarks, the moon looks much larger.

It turns out that this is merely an illusion. The moon is always the same size, it’s just our brain playing tricks on us, depending on our surroundings. The effect is called the Ebbinghaus Effect, and it’s a doozy. Watch an expert describe the effect in the video below:

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  1. You know the moon never evolved, it’s just a theory (a false theory). Evolution doesn’t work, proven science. Period.

    “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

  2. hey Mr. Swartz i finished the maze runner series that was a horrible ending! do you think Dashner will write any more of them?

    • Did you read the prequel to the series? It’s called The Kill Order. Also, James Dashner is currently working a new series of books called, The Morality Doctrine. Book 1 of that series, The Eye of Minds, was released last year. It’s pretty good. Similar to The Maze Runner books in tine, but focuses on gamers and virtual reality.

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