Help Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. It’s a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions of the American Latino community. It began as a week-long celebration in 1968 under President Johnson and was expanded to a month by President Reagan 20 years later in 1988. Here are a few ways you can help celebrate!


Make a tasty Spanish meal, such as tacos, enchiladas, or tamales, to name a few.

Enchilada plate.
Assortment Of Delicious Authentic Tacos, Birria, Carne Asada, Adobada, Cabeza And Chicharone, Arranged With Lime Slices, Onion, And Roasted Chili Pepper









Visit your local library and read something published or written by a Latinx author.

Host a Latin American game night and play games like Lotería (similar to BINGO) or Sardines, which is like hide-and-seek. However, only one person hides and the rest seeks.


Brush up on your Spanish and other Latin American language.

Have a geography lesson and learn about the different Latin cultures in Central and South America.

Multicultural Crowd of People. Group of different men and women. Young, adult and older peole. European, Asian, African and Arabian People. Empty faces. Vector illustration. Horizontal Composition

Visit a local art show, festival, or community gathering to learn more about the month-long celebration.

Dance the night away to some Latin American jams. You can even try your hand at salsa!

Color vector illustration of children’s activity coloring book pages with pictures of Instrument conga.

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