Guitar Hero World Record

guitarheroDanny Johnson has been declared the Guitar Hero Guinness World Records holder for “Highest Score for a Single Song” after he hit 99 percent of the notes on the DragonForce song “Through the Fire and Flames.” Playing at the expert level, he scored 973,954 points.

The 14-year-old from Grapevine, Tex., is a skilled pianist, drummer, guitarist, saxophone and oboe player. He also writes his own music.

Click here to see Danny in action.


  1. He’s good, we both have three things in common.
    1. we both play GH
    2. We both play saxophone
    3. We’re both from texas (I live north of texas, way north)

    That is cool

  2. That’s weirder than weird, but it’s SUPER COOL! I’d like to see someone beat that (It won’t be me, that’s for sure).

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