Free jacket for your Wii remote

wiiremote-200×1481.jpgNintendo’s “Wiimote” is getting a rubbery silicon cover to help prevent accidents and soften possible blows from a flying game controller.

The new Wii Remote Jackets will be included with all new Wii machines. If you already have a Wii, you can request a free cover at Nintendo’s website.

The Nintendo Wii uses a new type of controller, often called a Wiimote, for its games. Because the remote is waved around in the air, some players reported that it slipped out of their hands. To help prevent accidents, Nintendo strengthened the wrist strap last year.

The new Wii Remote Jacket is designed to offer additional protection.


  1. this is good ’cause i’ve already had my wii-mote slip out of my hand countless times……………maybe i can hold onto it HAHA

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