‘What Does the Fox Say?’ Guys’ New Knot Song


For all you fans of ridiculously catchy music, you’re in luck.

The ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ guys are back with an all-new song about tying knots. The new song, “Trucker’s Hitch,” is about the difficulty of tying knots — especially the tricky trucker’s hitch. Like ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ the song is incredibly catchy, funny and a bit weird. Especially if you’ve ever attempted tying knots.

Take a look:


And here’s how to tie the knot

Scouter Clarke Green offers instructions on his website and created the image below.



Also, just in case you’ve forgotten about ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ Here’s a reminder:


Thoughts? is it better or worse than ‘What Does the Fox Say?’


  1. Ok. The videos are wierd, but at least Trucker’s Hitch teaches you about something. I find What Does the Fox Say? more like Spongebob, rather than Dora. At least you learn something, even if it is ridiculous.

  2. That is pretty funny! I am sharing this with all my friends!! And people I don’t know!! And even people I despise!!

  3. So, it looks like I need to bring a length of rope to every wedding and formal I go to from now on, ’cause this is going to be all. the. rage.

  4. Being a rope rescue tech at my fire dept. I appreciate this video. Lots of people love this knot but if you don’t practice your rope craft you will lose it. Rope raft is a diminishing skill… Use it or lose it.

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