Eagle Scout No. 2 Million

Eldred's original Eagle badge.

Years of hard work and merit badge requirements led Minnesota’s Anthony Thomas to Scouting’s highest honor. Little did he know his Eagle Scout ceremony also marked an important milestone.

Thomas, of the Northern Star Council and Troop 3471, was announced today as the 2 millionth Eagle Scout. He made an appearance at the BSA’s National Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

More than 96 years have passed since New York’s Arthur Eldred became the first Eagle Scout. Daniel Carter Beard, Wilbert E. Longfellow and Ernest Thompson Seton were among those who examined Eldred to ensure his qualifications. Eldred was notified of the honor on Aug. 21, 1912, and he received his badge on Labor Day that same year.


  1. Thomas,

    Congratulations from a Scoutmaster in Houston, TX. Carry the Eagle charge forward in your life and may you always remain a symbol of the Boy Scouts of America. It does not matter whether you are number 1 or 2,000,000 – The Eagle Charge is the same.

    Hold your head high, young man!

  2. Thomas,

    Congratulations on your achievement on becoming an Eagle! Words can not convey how proud all of the scouting family is of you. Whether we are directly related to you or so very distant…. we are all in the scouting family. Also congrats on being the 2,000,000 Eagle Scout!

    Congrats to you from a Troop Committee Chair in Portland, OR. You do scouting Proud!

  3. Congratulations from a 22 year Scouter in Portland, OR. As the father of an Eagle I can definitely appreciate and serve as witness to the amount of work necessary to achieve this honor. As I’m sure you’ve figured out, the Scout Oath and Law are not just words to memorize, but rules for life. Hold true to them and you will never go wrong. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!

  4. Congrats Thomas on being #2 Millionth! Your final project and board were outstanding!

    – Your District Eagle Adviser

  5. Anthony!

    Your family couldn’t be more proud of you! Our boys are so proud given that Aiden is aspiring in Cub Scouts. Take care.

  6. Congratulations Thomas! Best wishes to you for being a Eagle Scout. What a lucky thing that you’re the 2 millionth eagle scout!

  7. GREAT JOB….I MADE EAGLE THE SAME MONTH AND YEAR AS #1,000,000. Congratulations, you will always be an Eagle Scout.

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