Declassified Documents Shed New Light On Area 51


You’ve all heard the rumors about Area 51, right?

That the military base near Groom Lake, Nev. is a actually secret facility filled with aliens, UFO’s and other mysterious things.

Of course those rumors are just wishful thinking for hardcore sci-fi fans, but there has always been a sense of intrigue and mystery surrounding the place.

After all, people have reported bizarre lights and aircraft seen over Area 51 for more than 50 years.

Now we know why.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently released declassified documents that acknowledge the infamous military base’s existence, calling it a testing site for top-secret military spy planes like the U-2. The documents make no mention of extraterrestrials, but if new alien news breaks, Heads Up will have it first.

For more info click here.

Boys’ Life published a cool story on Area 51 a few years back. Read it here.



  1. This may sound weird, but up until now, I never knew what Area 51 was. I can say that there is no such thing as aliens and if there were, I am very sheer we would have known about it by now.

  2. aliens can not exist. I defies the Holy Bible in the fact that Jesus died for everyone. He would have to die for aliens too. Since he probably only died once (not both here and on alien planet) the only kind of alien who could be out there is probably not sentient. Unless God and his angels are aliens from the previous universe!!!

    • some things in the bible are debatable!
      for one. seven days what about evolution?
      I’m not saying the bible isn’t true just that its debatable!

    • Yet it also say in the bible that we are not alone. Although some people say evolution is part of us being created…how can simple cells “evolve” into being with a conscience and a brain and emotions? And if evolution is a factor then why don’t we see more species evolve today?

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