Crane Survives Arrow Shot

craneA sandhill crane found in Wisconsin with an arrow through her body is set to make a full and miraculous recovery.

Don Darnell spotted the injured bird as he was driving near Wisconsin Rapids last Labor Day weekend. The bird escaped Darnell, but she made another appearance a week later, the arrow still firmly through her body. Eleven-year-old Monica Schaetz saw the bird near a creek behind her home. Experts were notified, and the crane was captured on Sept. 29 with the help of more than 20 volunteers.

The arrow was removed, but the crane developed an infection. The bird spent the winter in rehabilitation, and those closest to the situation didn’t think she would ever fly again. Now, not only is the bird flying again, she’s set to be rereleased into the wild this week. The bird rehabilitator who worked with this sandhill crane said she’d “never seen anything like this before.”

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