Coca-Cola’s Repurposing Its Old Bottles In Awesome Ways

Coca-Cola new 2nd Lives campaign makes pretty incredible use of old plastic Coke bottles. The soda company introduced a line of innovative caps that transform used bottles into useful objects.

The campaign also encourages consumers to reuse and re-purpose their plastic bottles in all-new ways.

For now, these caps are only available in Vietnam, but that shouldn’t stop us from thinking about creative ways to reuse and recycle our old bottles.

Take a look at some of these cool caps for inspiration:

Backyard Fun



Weights; Whistle






Condiment Lids



Paint Dispenser


Any other thoughts on how old bottles could be used?


  1. That looks really cool! Also I like the music in the video. It’s like something out of a Vietnamese Ruby’s Diner.

  2. Wow, that’s really cool. Clay, where do you find all these things? You always seem to have the best choices for thinking and learning and just plain awesome stuff. What is your secret to success?

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