Catch a Powerful Pokémon

regigigasFor the first time, a special version of Pokémon Regigigas will be available for distribution to Pokémon fans at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide. From March 8 through March 21, Pokémon and Nintendo will offer players the opportunity to obtain this Level 100 character.

During that time, Pokémon fans who bring their Pokémon Diamond Version or Pokémon Pearl Version Game Card (each sold separately), along with their Nintendo DS system, to any Toys “R” Us store in the United States and Puerto Rico will have a chance to add the exceptionally powerful Level 100 Regigigas to their Pokédex.

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  1. You probobly won’t belive this but I actually got this regigigas from someone in japan, before it even came out in america!!!!

  2. I have caught this pokemon on my Diamond version with out using cheats. You have to get the three “regi” pokemon from the old games

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