Cat Takes Suitcase Adventure

A Florida cat named “Gracie Mae” once thought missing turned up in its owner’s suitcase.

Kelly Levy last saw her tiger-striped feline before taking her husband to the airport last Friday. When she returned home, Levy expected to see Gracie Mae waiting in her usual spot on the bottom step. Gracie Mae, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Levy thoroughly searched the house for the 10-month old kitten and hung “lost cat” signs throughout the neighborhood.

Then the phone rang.

A Fort Worth man had accidentally picked up the luggage of Seth Levy — Kelly’s husband — at the airport. He made it home with the suitcase, opened it to find the clothes weren’t his and was about to shut the suitcase when Gracie Mae jumped out and ran under the bed. After coaxing the kitten out from under the bed, the man read the cat’s collar and was able to contact the Levy’s.

Gracie Mae had snuck into the suitcase back at home, been run through X-ray security, loaded onto the plane and placed on the baggage claim conveyor belt.

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