This Supercar Gets A $122,000 Upgrade

The McLaren MP4-12C is one of the coolest supercars on the planet, with 616 horsepower, a top speed of 207 MPH and a hefty price tag of $259,000. You would think the car has it all, but it’s not enough for Hamann, a German car enthusiast who has decided to paint the supercar with a bold rainbow paint job.

The wild paint job isn’t the only change, there is a new carbon fiber body kit, integrated LED daytime running lights, side extensions, large rear wing, an enlarged roof scoop, new rear diffuser, and three tailpipes.

It’s quite the upgrade for the already impressive sports car. What the total for the new features? A whopping $122,000.

And that’s on to of the $259,000 original price tag.

What do you think of the car’s new paint job? Would you upgrade to the crazy paint-scheme, or leave it as is?


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